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Hi there - I'm Chris Marshall, a contemporary visual artist living in Perth, Western Australia - mad about colour, texture and the world around me. I have fun with my art, love to experiment and let my art come from deep within me so every artwork has something of me in it. Join me on a journey through my galleries of paintings, mixed media and digital art. I’ve even slipped in a few of my favourite photos.

If you like what you see,

           I’d love for a print of my art to hang on your wall

"Chris’ work oozes the expressive qualities of the Modernist approach to representation.…. Layer upon layer, with vibrant use of colour, painterly techniques and collage, Chris responds and interprets Nature. Recycled materials and a myriad of textures confront and excite us ... " from Camilla Loveridge's Opening Speech for our Mandjar Blues Exhibition, 22/01/2011

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